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23 Things I’ve Learned in 23 Years

Today I turned an underwhelming twenty-three years old. Twenty-three is the first of many years that no one is too thrilled about turning. The fizzle and pizzazz of the big milestone firsts have dwindled away. I am no longer an inexperienced driver, or a new legal adult, or a drunken stupor out of a bar,

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Post-Accutane: Update & Skin Care Routine

After my Accutane treatment, I thought my days of pimples, spot treatments, and heavy concealers were behind me, but these past 9 months have proven me very wrong. If you have read my Accutane story, you’ll know that I started my treatment in May 2015 and ended it in November of 2015. At the time that I

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25 Truths

I am impatient with both myself and others. This has led me to make many hasty and rushed decisions —of which have resulted in regret sometimes and elation others. I will expend most, if not all of my energy before asking for help. There is something very therapeutic to me about packing. I am happy to

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