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Clouds in My Coffee

The other morning I was sitting at my desk dunking an Italian butter cookie into my coffee. I stared blankly into my mug as bits of cookie became coffee-logged and surrendered themselves to the pool of liquid. I sit with a mug of coffee and a cookie or piece of toast whenever I am missing

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The Best & All the Rest

In a constant state of preparation for my first 3 days of grad school, I spent hours this week piecing myself together. I was fixated on all of the delicate, tiny, particular details of my appearance; the way my hair was going to fall, how dark my eyeshadow was going to be, how tall I’d

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Do We Want to Be Mothers or Do We Want to Be Like Our Mothers?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. “This” being motherhood. As some of you may know I adopted a puppy back in May which means I have joined the club of “furmoms” or “pupmoms” or whatever you want to call it. Puppy-motherhood destroys your life in a very specific way. I do not leave

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